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Lawyer fees

The cost of our lawyer fees is competitive, clear from the start, and fully transparent throughout your mandate.

1% of our fees are sent to charities.

We believe in receiving fees for quick and efficient results. We believe in giving priority to mediations and dispute resolution and litigate only if required to do so by the client.

We consider that the lawyer fees must be adjusted to the needs of the client and the specificities of the case, and therefore our clients should have clear and transparent alternatives.

If it is possible and if we have the necessary information, we provide a fee quote online within 24 hours.

The choice you make can be confirmed online with a simple straightforward retainer agreement.


Invoicing at agreed regular periods, based on detailed time sheets, invoice payable within 10 days. In this case, the current fee structure is :
Senior Partner : CHF 500 – 600.-
Partner : CHF 450 – 500.-
Associate : CHF 300 – 400.-
Paralegal : CHF 200.-
Legal Assistant : CHF 120.-
Advance “purchase” of 10/20/30 hours of services, valid for an agreed period, at agreed rates.
Fixed fee
Where possible due to the nature of the matter, agreement of fixed delivery time and price.
Budget fee
Similar to the fixed fee, but the agreed amount is defined for a specific activity and a specific period.
Result reward fee
Classical invoicing at an agreed reduced rate to be adjusted as per agreed criterias on the achieved result. (pure contingency fee is not permitted by the Swiss Federation of Lawyers)





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